Program#3: Pay Per Click - the fastest way to directly reach targeted prospects

Nothing reaches your targeted prospects more quickly and more directly than paid search. Set up correctly your add reaches prospects who put in the keyword you want - and they are sent to a specified page. You can target locally, globally or select a number of geographical areas.

So what is the problem?
It's complicated. Difficult to execute correctly. And if done wrong you could lose money.

Here's how I create a campaign for you that brings you propects and and makes you money:

1) Keyword research
I research every angle of a topic and rev up proprietary keyword tools to come up with the best keywords for your campaign

2)Then the campaign has to be organized for maximum impact. I put keywords into appropriate groups to raise your clickthrough rate and drvie down costs.

3) Then ads need to be written for each keyword group. I write 2 ads for each group and set up a test. (Eveything in paid search needs to be tested.) I monitor the clickthrough rates of the ads in every group. I remove the weaker performing ad and replace it with another ad totest against the winning ad.

4) I make sure your campaign has the right web pages in place to take advantage of the pay per click campaign.

That in a nutshell is how I develop your pay per click campaign. The first choice is to use Google Adwords. But Yahoo Search and MSN (Bing) campaigns are also options

The result? Be prepared for an onslaught of traffic. Here's what one client said about the pay per click campaign I created brought him more propects than he thought possible. o


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