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Pay Per Click - the fastest way to directly reach targeted prospects

Nothing reaches your targeted prospects more quickly and more directly than paid search (pay per click advertising). Set up correctly your ads reach prospects who put in the keyword you want - and they are sent to a specified page. You can target locally, globally or select a number of geographical areas.

And now there are more ways to use ppc to reach target audiences.

-Google adwords - search network
(Global and geo-targeting)

-Goodgle adwords - content network

-Google Adwords - site placement

-Yahoo Search

MSN/Bing search

So what is the problem?
It's complicated. Difficult to execute correctly. And if done wrong you could lose money.

The slide show below goes into why people have trouble using Google Adwords and the solutions I provide. (At the bottom of this page, listen to what a CEO of a business said about my pay per click service.

I simplify pay per click marketing for you. I tailor, test and track and refine the campaign until we arrive at the right campaign for you.

The result? Be prepared for an onslaught of traffic. Here's what one client said about how the pay per click campaign I created brought him more prospects than he thought possible. (He starts off talking about my copywriting - which is critical to successful pay per click advertising - and then goes into what the pay per click campaign did for his business):


Wondering if a pay per click campaign is right for you. Call me, and let's go over the possibilities.
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