Press release campaigns that rank higher and last longer so they have more time to work their magic


Today online PR can do more for your business than ever before. Way more.

One reason is Google has given greater value to online press releases. If done right a press release can rank higher on Google search results than optimized web pages. . So they not only reach targeted media through distribution but can also reach more of your prospects.

We've created PR Boost packages that can massively increase the effectiveness of press release campaigns.

We do this by crafting press releases with compelling story angles, and boost them with strategic linking campaigns, so they rank higher for longer periods of time, giving them more time to work their magic.

To get the boost you want we recommend at least one press release per month, preferably two. Take advantage of these PR Boost packages.


Basic Boost

We look for compelling story angles and and weave them into well-crafted press releases.

Fee: $400 cost of distribution.

Note: we do not mark up cost of press release distribution. Fee is exactly what the distribution service costs. For most releases, the $200 package from PRWeb is the best choice.


Premium Boost - (includes strategic linking campaign)

We create links to your press release on carefully targeted websites including high ranking wikis. This boosts your press release higher on the search results and enables them to stay there much longer.

Fee: Add $200 for each release


PR Social Boost (includes updates and announcements on social media networks)

Adding social media links drives traffic from social media and adds even more value in Google's. We craft tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn status updates, etc. depending on your audience.

This can be added to basic or premium Boost packages to create a super powerful campaign.

Fee depends on social media networks selected for the campaign.

What we need from you.

We need to get to know your company. What you're about. Your products or services. The possible story angles. Company News. Also need targeted keywords. If you want us to do keyword research and find relevant, long-tailed keyword phrases, there is an additional charge.


We send you a questionnaire before the start of any campaign.

To order your campaign, write to Leon altman at