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A Few samples of the work I've done marketing sereivecs and products for over 25 years.
These cover just a few areas of work. Mostly for .

Marketing for Jim Cramer and Other Advisors on
I created many campaigns as chief creative marketing consultant for The, headed by Jim Cramer. You may have seen Cramer's TV show Mad Money on CNBC). I also created campaigns for individual advisors on the site, each with his/her own consulting business.

Let me take you inside some of the successful campaigns I created. These case studies will show the step-by-step process of creation, the rationale and the creative work that was used. See screen shots of an online tutorial, flash ads, emails, landing pages and more.

Yes, let me see the case studies

Marketing High-Ticket Online Advice
Gary B. Smith was another advisor on He offers a very expensive, online financial advisory service. I created this lengthy online sales page knowing I had to offer strong reasons and compelling support to convince potential customers to give the service a try. I also created a series of provocative online ads to drive traffic to this web page. To see the page, click here (then click on bottom-right icon when it appears to enlarge)
Record Breaking Dental Campaign
The campaign I created for Johnson&Johnson Dental Floss broke previous records for sales of the product. The campaign was repurposed into posters, direct mail, etc., and ran for about 7 years, an extremely long time for a consumer healthcare product. This particular ad was the one that received the most attention. See ad

Record Breaking Dental Campaign part II
While not quite as shocking as the false teeth image, this one commanded attention and made people realize what was going on in their gums. See ad

Getting Search Right Increases Response 223% for Attorney

So many professionals get online search wrong because the person ahandling int for them doesn't know the tricks of the trade. Get local keywords correectly AND match them to the right landing page on the site makes a hige difference. For an attorney I helped the diffeenct in respnse he received was dramatic. Over twice what he was getting from a previous serch marketing effort. Both Organic and paid search can be much better by with proper organization.
Beating the control by 444%
Created an email sales letter for Growth Report. The strategy entailed using a bonus report on China stocks as the hook to sign up for a trial subscription of the investment newsletter. Sing up included filling in credit card information. Accroding to the Marketing Director my sales letter beat the the previous best sales letter by 444%. Take a look - click investment sales letter
Hope for Restless Leg Syndrome
Not too long ago Restless Leg Sydrome was mysterious and misunderstood. Before the recent TV push for its product, Requip wanted to educate the audience about RLS. I helped write a comprehensive, unbranded, educational website before the launch to inform people about RLS, including case studies, tips and more.

"Signups increased virtually 100% overnight"
Like many other health professionals, Simone Mitjans turned to the web
to market her services. By changing her online marketing process and rewriting some key web pages, I was able to transform the effectiveness of her website.

Arthritis Comfort
A big part of the relationship building campaign for Enbrel, a major treatment for rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis sufferers, is its newsletters directed at different segments of its audience. I helped create the newsletters for both segments. After the offline newsletters were created I then edited and revised them to make them effective for html emails.
Fastest Growing Financial Advisor Company
One of the reasons Ameriprise is growing so fast is its focus on baby boomers.
Ameriprise created a DVD informing boomers about key changes contained in the Pension Protection Act.

I created a campaign to generate leads using the DVD. The campaign included a self mailer and a standard mailing mailing page. Recipients could go to an online landing page to order. Take a look at the self-mailer.

Shaking Up the Insurance Industry
Life settlement changes the game for life insurance. It’s a win-win for financial advisors and policy holders. The marketing pieces I wrote and supervised helped NAF Funding, a leading company on life settlements, get the word out to policy holders and financial advisors. They included direct mail, a training manual, a video for cable TV and the web, and a video segment for PBS

Recently, a Google Adwords campaign I created for life settlements is helping advisors break into this lucrative market.



The Most Successful New Product Launch
I was part of the team chosen to launch iShares by Barclays Global Investors. As one of the lead writers and strategists, I wrote many sections of the iShares website. The website had two main tracks: One to individuals, the other to financial intermediaries, such as stock brokers and financial advisors.

The task was to clearly educate these audiences about a whole new investing tool. The other part of the task was to market the benefits of ishares. It turned out to be the most successful new investment product launch in the past 15 years.

Creating a New Gold Rush
The challenge here was improving sign-up rates for an existing newsletter. It had a working but limited Adwords campaign. I created and tested campaigns with new adgroups and new ads, demolishing previous click-through rates and driving more traffic to the sign-up page. See The Gold Report.
Pay-Per-Click Success
Being able to create high ROI pay-per-click ads synchronized with landing pages that convert well has become essential to online success. Here, I created a highly effective pay-per-click campaign tied to a powerful landing page for a real estate ebook.This  campaign helped sell over 1,000 ebooks (as well as create a targeted list) in a short stretch of time. To see one of the landing pages, click here.
Search Engine Optimization Services that Pay Big Dividends
SEO is a big stew, with a range of ingredients: There's on-page optimization, including choosing the right keywords, smart use of meta tags, and effective internal link structure. Then there important off-page factors, such gathering relevant, one-way quality links. The trick, if you can call it a trick, is using and mixing on and off page elements together in just the right way..

That’s what I did here for the website I blended it all together so that the site ranked #1 on msn and reached the top 10 in google for the highly desirable keyword phrase - "smallcap stocks."
Squeezing more leads out of squeeze pages
Getting people to opt-in may be the most important step in creating customer relationships online. Hee's a case study that shows how I I quadrupled the previous conversion rate, resulting in thousands of new opt-in leads for this newsletter. It uses an interesting technique I call Contentus Interruptus.
To read the case study, click here
Want more leads? More sales? Faster growth?.
Give me a call at 888-650-9714
or write to
These are just a few of many client successes. And here is what some of my clients have to say:

"Do yourself a favor, hire him today (unless of course, you're one of my competitors)."

"Leon's very first copywriting assignment with us beat our long-standing control piece by 3X right out the gate. His understanding of our target audience, insights on what makes great copy, and ability to turn around the project on-time have me coming back for more. Do yourself a favor, hire him today (unless of course, you're one of my competitors)."

Lee Campbell, Director of Products & Marketing
Growth Report (financial newlsetter

"If you run a business and want it to really grow,
he's the person to go to."

"I've worked with Leon Altman for many years. He helped me build my successful financial magazines from the ground up. His direct marketing programs, sales letters and ideas were the foundation of their success. Now his online and offline expertise are vital to building my new businesses. If you run a business and want it to really grow, he's the person to go to."

       - Gordon Holmes,
   Founder of The Gold Report, Buyside Magazine 

"If you want your next marketing project to succeed, call him."
"I've worked with Leon for a long time. Not only is he one of the best copywriters in the business, but his concepts and strategies are always on the money. If you want your next marketing project to succeed, call him.

 - Tony Garzio,
         President, direct marketing agency for Countrywide Financial    

"His ...writing ... and overall marketing savvy have been indispensable."
"I've been in charge of marketing for a number of companies in my career. And I've called on Leon Altman to help market every one of them. His concepts, writing, originality and overall marketing savvy have been indispensable. Even if you have a whole marketing department at your disposable, I would still call on his services, because of what he adds to the business."

       - Whitney Vosburgh,
         CEO, Whitney& Co., a strategic branding firm;
         Former VP Marketing for

". . . his sales copy always seems to bring in more customers."
"I love working with Leon. He comes up with tons of terrific ideas and concepts. And his sales copy always seems to bring in more customers.

      - Masoom Khan,
         Designer for

"He has the sharpest creative marketing mind I know."
"I've called on Leon Altman's creative services and marketing advice for over 12 years. He has the sharpest creative marketing mind I know.

       - Michael Kirner
               Former marketing director for MaceRich; and
               Frank Howard Allen Realtors

The ads he did for proved to be well -worth it. Immediate rush of inquiries

Larry Parker,
Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

Marketing programs and services tailored for you
Here are some of my programs you can use to unlock the power
of the Internet for your business.

-Lead generation campaigns
(driving traffic, capturing leads and building customer relationships

You can also choose to have parts of your marketing processes upgraded
to achieve greater success, including :
-Website content and structuring
-Online PR
-Offline to Online marketing
-email marketing
-blog marketing
-Marketing planning and strategy

Let's Talk
Let's talk about your needs and where you'd like to take your business. There is no obligation.

Time to ramp up your marketing? Give me a call at 888-650-9714
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leon @

To Your Success,

Leon Altman
Writer/Marketing Consultant
this page!

I've made these programs affordable, flexible and easy to implement. These programs will bring you more business and income by marrying 2 critical factors. Authority branding and Internet Marketing.

Branding you as an authority enhances your professional standing and brings in more prospects or patients
People naturally want to go to someone they can trust for their important medical, legal or financial needs.

Authority branding also lays the groundwork to develop products and services that bring you a river of passive income (money that comes in while you are asleep or on vacation. ).

Are you taking full advantage of the Internet?
Many professionals believe Internet marketing is either too expensive, too complicated, or doesn't work for local services. P4P takes away all those objections and makes it work for you.

Programs 25 years in the making
Programs ofor professsionals is a result of over 25 years of experience. I've been a copywriter and creative director at some of the top ad agencies in the world. (I've been featured in the publication

And as a marketing director I helped a client build a financial publishing company from scratch into a leader in its field just a few years later. My client then sold the company for millions (and started his own winery in Sonoma).

For the past 12 years I've advised some of the top Internet companies, as well as coporations and invidual provessionals on how to leverage the Internet to bring in a flood of new buisness. My marketing campaigns have encompassed the financial, medical, and legal fields. For more, see my bio.

These 4 programs are proven ways to bring in more clients or patients, and enhance your image at the same time. You can use one. Or more than one. Or some combination. Or have a completely new one custom tailored for you.


Prgram 1                                                                    Program 2


Building Your Authority Brand business

Consists of creating articles in your niche and distributing them on the web. Plus a targeted PR campaign

-5 new articles per month
-1 Press release (distributed online within you niche. Can also be modified to send to local media.
Find out more



        Program 3


Paid local search

Most people are turning to the web even for local services

But paid search can be tricky. I use my bag of tricks to attract more searchers in the aeas you choose, at a lower cost per click.

(want to expand your reputation in other geopgraphical areas? No problem

Find out more

                         Program 4

Website Optimiazation

-Starts with a thorough analysis of your website (if you have one).

I'll examine your site to see if it is set up to attract prospects using the best perfomring keywrods

-Does the writing sell your services effectively while enhancing your brand

-I'll point out the holes where yo are missing opprotunity.

Injcludes a written report. Plus a telephone and/or recorded audio review of your website

Find out More




Lead Generation for prpects/patients

-Set up a lead generation campaign for you

-creeeting diffeent opt-in pages for you

-capture the names of propects.
-Drive qualified traffic to your opt-in pages


Our hot leads program - where yo can just purchase qualififed targedted leads,

Find out more

I personally guide and direct each program, and when needed, I can select resources from a large, highly skilled virtual team I've built over the years.

In addition offer other services and programs to build your business, including:

-web design
-Postcard marketing
-Web 2.0 Social marketing Using newrotks, blogs, etc.
-Video marketing
-Print ads
-Newsletter creation and production
(online or print)
-Informaation Product Creation

How to get started.

Interested in building an authority brand and attracting more prospects and additional income? You can call me at : 888-650-9714 or fill out the client information form below.

Just fill out the Cient info form.(It can be you or have your assistant or prepresatnvie.) If you prefer you can call or at to set up a meeting.


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Additional information or comments

To Your Success,

Leon Altman

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