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The one SEO service that guarantees you a first page ranking…or we work for Free

Our approach to SEO gets you where you want to go further and faster

Our SEO 2.0 program offers something unique: We guarantee we can get you on the first page of Google for specific keywords, and we back it up.

Here's how: While nothing is 100% certain, we are so confident of our ability to get you to the top - that we offer this promise. If we fail to get you on the first page of Google for a specified keyword within a speciifed cycle (time frame), we will give you another cycle of full SEO service for FREE.

For instance, let's say we have estimated 4-6 months to get you on the first page of Google for the keyword phrase "ABC Widgets." If after 6 months you are not on the first page - we will continue to perform our seo service for you for another 6 months or until you reach the first page - whichever comes first.

Why are we so confident?

First of all, we've done it before. Some examples of the keyword phrases we pushed to the first page of Google search results:

  • Top Travel Films
    #1 out of 196,000,000 Results

  • Best Places To Eat In Chicago
    #1 out of 55,600,000 Results

  • Best Places To Eat In St Paul
    #1 out of 79,500,000 Results

  • Best Places To Eat In Seattle
    #1 out of 26,500,000 Results

  • Touring Europe by Car
    #2 out of 4,910,000 Results

  • Africa Trek
    #5 out of 1,030,000 Results

  • Academic Homes
    #9 out of 10,500,000 Results

  • Financial Copywriter
    #1 out of 1,250,000 Results

  • Top Travel Songs
    #10 out of 66,800,000 Results

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  • Horoscope 2009
    #5 out of 25,300,000 Results

  • iPod Games
    #7 out of 46,800,000 Results

  • Los Angeles DUI lawyer
    #6 out of 713,000 Results

  • Mini Bikes
    #5 out of 4,020,000 Results

  • Pocket Bikes
    #4 out of 981,000 Results

Top SEO expert
Altman communications partner, Ed Forteau, is considered to be one of the top SEO experts in the business. Other SEO consultants have turned to Ed's highly acclaimed webinar classes on SEO to learn how to get better results. Ed uses all his inside tips as well as those he does not divulge to get our clients to the top of the search engines

Take a look at our program and you'll see more reasons why we can be so confident.
It starts with your Searchability Score™ (if you haven't yet received your free Searchability Score Report, contact us today).

This will tell you approximately the number of months it will take to get you to the first page for your keyword. Then the campaign can begin. Here are some of the elments of the campaign we develop and execute for you:

Our Web 2.0 Battle Plan
The web 2.0 network we build for you is an online asset that will benefit you for years to come. We use top, proven social media sites to build inter-linking networks for you. Some examples include: Hubpages, Knol, Livejournal, Vox, Xanga, etc.

This is done step by step to keep everything organic, building networks that connect in a prescribed way to deliver powerful jolts of authority to your website.

Our team bookmarks the web 2.0 properties we create for you to the top bookmarking services to add more seo power to your website

We've selected the most useful social bookmarking sites, and assign our team a mission to bookmark the targeted web 2.0 properties we create for you and spread their popularity throughout the web. Examples:Clipmarks, Stumbleupon, Delicous, Digg.

This results in thousands of bookmarks for you! Your website will start rocketing up the search engine listings as these bookmarks take effect.

Each web 2.0 property we create for you is submitted to the top RSS Feeds - each feed reminds the search engines to take notice of your site.

This results in thousands of RSS feeds. In fact, each time we update your web 2.0 properties more RSS feeds are sent out again - it's like a bugle call to the search spiders reminding them to come back to your site.

Examples:Yahoo, MSN Search, Fyber Search, Bulk Feeds, Truth, Bear, etc.

Content syndication grows your links throughout the Internet

Every month we write approximately 20 articles for you. Each article is submitted to hundreds of article directories, as well as relevant blogs and websites. This kind of syndication rapidly multiplies your links in important places throughout the Internet.


Our team initiates and engages in web dialogues on relevant, blogs, forums, and websites on your behalf
The result….

As you can see in this diagram it all feeds into your money site. What we mean by "money site" are the webpages where you either attract leads or ask for sales. In other words, the key pages that build your business and make you money.

And this is just the beginning!

We then continue to build valuable links to your site pushing your money page higher and higher until it is on the first page.

When your money page is on the first page of google local search - it's money in the bank, as more and more customers keep coming to your website.

It all comes down to your Searchability Score
This is a score we calculate using a number of factors. The score is an estimate of the number of months it would take us to get you on the first page of Google. The number of months and the difficulty involved determines the fee we charge.

Of course once you start an SEO campaign you can stop whenever you want. The 2.0 networks we've built for you are still yours to keep. But to see your site on the number one page, we recommend you stay for the duration of the campaign.

     Find out your Searchability Score, with a no obligation, free Report

Plus you will be entitled to a free consultation to go over your Searchability Score Report. You can also call us 888-650-9714 and we will be glad to answer any of your questions.

See you at the top of the search engines,

Leon Altman

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