Want to grow your business?
Go on LinkedIn, says New York Times article

Calls it "The Social Network that Gets Down to Business"

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More and more businesses have been using LinkedIn to grow their businesses in ways they never had dreamed, according to an article in the New York Times. And the kinds of businesses that have been profitting from LinkedIn are as varied as you can imagine.

For instance, Joanna Wiseberg began Red Scarf Equestrian, selling luxury items to horse lovers just as the recession hit. But her business took off and is now growing around the world. Her main tool has been participating in related discussion groups on LinkedIn. I wouldn't be here without LinkedIn," she says.

Joe Rosenberg, a certified public accountant in N.J has also increased his client base using LinkedIn. Like Wiseberg he participates in LinkedIn discussion groups related to his industry.

He also employs other LinkedIn methods, for instance, using status updates to alert people that the deadline for self-employed people to file estimated quarterly tax payments was coming up. People noticed it and contacted him.

More than any other social network, LinkedIn will attract clients and customers who have the most money to spend and are willing to spend it

LinkedIn is the first, and by far the largest, social network created specifically for professionals, executives and business owners. Over 75 million members, average age 41 - with an average income of $109,000. Far and away higher than the other major social networks!

LinkedIn members are serious and they will spend money on products services and products that will help them improve their businesses, careers or personal lives.

A continuing source of customers and clients at virtually no cost
For those who know how to use it, LinkedIn is a continuing source of clients and customers - at virtually no cost. Whether you are selling to individuals or to companies, LinkedIn will help you reach, connect and attract the prospects you are looking for.

Booking $2-$3 million through LinkedIn
LinkedIn helped Jeff Ragovin, VP of sales and Business Development at a media company, book $2 - $3 million in new business. He views his network on LinkedIn "as a gold mine." He says prospects "are more inclined to reply when approached through LinkedIn because they already have the opportunity to look you up...."

And it doesn't matter where you are located or where you want to get new customers. James Filbird, owner of an International Trade group in China says he receives 75% of his business from LinkedIn.

"All of them (meaning other social networking sites) pale in comparsion to the quality of people and available online tools found at LinkedIn," says Filbird.

So what do you need to do to attract business on LinkedIn?

You need to know exactly how to do it. Do it the wrong way and you'll ruin any chance you have for building your practice from LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn the right way and you can get business from all over.

Introducing the The LinkedIn Profit System
The LinkedIn Profit System pulls together the best practices of successful LinkedIn campaigns and online marketing. The system takes you all the way from building interest on LinkedIn to turning LinkedIn prospects into clients and customers.

my Linkedin profile

My name is Leon Altman and I developed the system after I signed up for LinkedIn and soon after attracted a plum client from the site.
(If you'd like to see my LinkedIn profile, just click the screenshot.) Other than personal referrals this was the easiest way I'd seen to get new clients for my marketing firm.

I figured if I could I get a good client without knowing what I was doing on LinkedIn I could probably get a lot more if I knew the ins and outs of LinkedIn.

So I set about studying and and experimenting. After awhile I turned what I was doing into the LinkedIn Profit System. Sure enough, I attracted more and more prospects ...with no additional marketing or sales cost! And many of them turned into long-term clients.

I revealed my LinkedIn Profit System to a few select colleagues and they started attracting more and more clients.

Could you learn this system by studying other tutorials on LinkedIn? You could learn some of it. But I've also utilized my long experience as a marketing consultant and copywriter to come up with original and highly effective ways of turning LinkedIn into a client attraction magnet.

Here's what you get with the LinkedIn Profit System:

3 webinars, 2 videos and a manual

five-disk3 webinars - Each one about an hour. These webinars show you on-screen, step by step what you need to do to make LinkedIn start paying off for you.

These are recorded webinars given to a group who paid big money to learn these secrets.

2 videos - one explains a lead management system using an advanced LinkedIn tool, and how to combine it with your contact management system to turn it into a lead generation machine. Plus a bonus video which explains a recent update of LinkedIn and what it means to you.

And a Pdf manual explaining the system in detail.


Watch over my shoulder as I show you exactly what to do.

I take you inside my LinkedIn account so you can see what I did to make LinkedIn provide me with more clients and customers. It's like watching over my shoulder as I show you on-screen exactly what to do.

And these are point and click demos so you can pretty much copy what I do and just insert your own info.

Here's what you'll find out in the webinars

Webinar 1: Building the Bridge to Profits on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn discussion groups to start attracting people to your web business ("planting the seeds")


Webinar 2 : Getting Prospects to Cross the Bridge from LinkedIn to Web Profits

Webinar 3 : Acquiring customers, clients and profits

The secret to web profits: The fortune is in the follow-up

You can rely on your LinkedIn Profit System Manual for simple, clear explanations
The manual includes over 20 screen shots - with arrows and captions making the process crystal clear.



You'll also receive the LinkedIn lead management video

. . . . Plus a Bonus video describing recent changes in LinkedIn

PLUS an exclusive video on how to take advantage of LinkedIn's NEW Product and Services Feature
This is perfect for those looking to use LinkedIn to attract more business.

How much is it worth it to you to learn the inside secrets to using Linkedin to acquire more clients and customers?

How much is just one more client or customer worth to you?

Or even one additional project?

$1,000? $2,000 ?

How about a project that turns into a long term client?

Is it worth $47 to you?
If so, you should take advantage of this offer while it is still available.

Previously, people paid $347 just for these webinars. So you'll save $300.
And now videos and a manual have been added to make it even more valuable.

Order now and you also receive the bonus video of showing you how to take advantage of recent changes on LinkedIn.

Personal guarantee

I know that the LinkedIn Profit System will work for you, your firm or your company. That's why I can make this personal guarantee. If after going through the package you don't feel that it will help you get more clients and customers, I will give you a full, 100% refund. No questions asked.

This is an ironclad, 60 day guarantee. That gives you time not only to go through it, but to implement the client and customer attraction techniques.


To Your Success,

Leon Altman
Pres., Altman Communications

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The LinkedIn Profit System

How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business !

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