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Social Media Management and Engagement Services that Build Business

Wondering how social media can help your business? Let Altman Communications develop a custom social media marketing campaign that will help you grow your business using the the benefits of major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and other social community site.Services include consulting, technical set-up, social profile management and social media engagement campaigns.

Custom Online Audit
An effective social media campaign should take into account your current online presence, your goals, and your industry/niche.For instance, B2B companies may need a very different plan than B2C companies.

We'll evaluate your web asset, goals and industry in order to develop an effective social media plan. We'll then present you with feedback and offer recommendations and a plan to give you best results.

Tech Set-Up
Get-Started Package
If you are not set up in the major social media platforms we'll do it for you so you get started on the right foot. recommendations from athe audit will be incomrpo0ated in the profiles
Client to supply all graphics, images and video. Profile choices:
* Twitter
* LinkedIn
* Facebook personal profile
* YouTube

Blog Set-up
We will install, set up and customize your blog using WordPress, including plugins (add-on applications that make your blog more attractive to the search engines.Client to supply all graphics, imagesand video.

Facebook Basic Fan Page
We will set up your Facebook Fan Page with one custom tab. Client to supply all graphics, images and video.

Turbo-charged Facebook Fan Page
We will develop a custom Facebook Fan Page designed for faster and better business building.. Your new fan page will include:
* Custom Welcome Tab with your Email Opt-in, Social icons & a Video
* Custom banner image
* Blog importing (or any RSS feed)
* Email opt-in form to the wall tab
* YouTube video tab

Client to supply all graphics, images and video.
**Graphic design is not included in tech set-up packages. If you need graphics or a video, please contact us for a quote.*

We can help you manage your social profiles and online presence to ensure you effectively engage with your audience and get the maximum value from social media.

Social Profile Basic Package
Basic monthly social media maintenance package includes:
* up to 2 auto status updates/day on 2 networks (client to provide content)
* get rid of unwanted SPAM on 2 networks
* accept “friend requests” and “follows” on 2 networks
* basic profile management on 2 networks

Content creation and Engagement Package

Original content is the key to successful social media engagement. We will work with you to create an editorial social media calendar. Content will be can repurposed and used in different social media channels. We wil set up a content distribution scehdule for diffrent social media networks and
monitor and respond to posts and comments.

LinkedIn Groups Engagement
LinkedIn Groups is probably the premier vehcile for marketing products and services to businesses. We will set up a LinkedIn Groups plan and monitor and participate in the selected groups

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