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841% Improvement for IBM Direct Response Campaign

IBM called on me to write a multi-tiered direct response campaign for its medical office consulting division.

The goal of the campaign was to get medical office managers to take a technology survey which would then be followed by invitation to receive an analysis by IBM consultants. See pdf


Turning case studies into memorable web stories is one of the hottest new Internet companies - offering web-based shippnig and storage solutions.But it needed its story told on the web in a more engaging, evocative way, so it could communicate its benefits with more impact. That's when it turned to me to take its case studies and turn them into exciting online stories.

See one of many case stories


Making the Benefits Clear on a New Ultrasound Imaging System

When a Silicon Valley medical technology company developed new ultrasound surgical tools they called on me to get their story across. Through brochures, press releases, mailers, I communicated the benefits of their system, and helped increase sales by 44% over the previous year. Brochure


"Calling all MIS Managers"

Created provocative direct mailer and ad offering to get MIS managers to come to a demonstration of Ungerman Bass's (now part of Tandem), Access One hub,a centralized system to control and manage enterprise data.

Click for pdf


Making Software News

Objective: Let IT decision makers in broadcast newsrooms know that Newsmaker has the best software solutions to keep up with the demands of their fast-paced work.

Solution:Create impactful brochure (used as mailer as well as presentation), demonstrating its groundbreaking features. See StarDrive pdf


Turning LAN Managers into heroes

During the time I lived and worked in San Francisco, I did a lot of copywriting for clients in Silicon Valley. Among the clients were a number of technology publications.

For LAN Technology magazine I created a package appealing to the self-perception of LAN managers. It beat the control by over 5%.
See pdf


Shareholder letter for mobile device company

Wrote shareholder letter for annual report for i3Mobile - a mobile device startup company. Emphasized company's focus on offering the right suite of premium subscription products delivered to mobile products. See pdf


Shaking Up the Insurance Industry

Life settlement changes the game for life insurance. It’s a win-win for financial advisors and policy holders. The marketing pieces I wrote and supervised helped NAF Funding, a leading company on life settlements, get the word out to policy holders and financial advisors. They included direct mail, a training manual , a video for cable TV and the web, and a video segment for PBS


Credit Card Processing Power

Wrote web pages and coached marketing director of credit card processing company. Set up an outside blog to attract traffic. The blog now comes up #1 in Google for "credit care processing" image search. Website


Weather Hedging for Business

My client was looking to promote his brokerage which focused on weather hedging - a critical factor in the energy and utility industries. I created an ad using an image highly unusual in the industry and a headline that played off the image. The copy I wrote then explained the company's important "matchmaking" expertise in the weather hedging industry. With this ad, my client was able to attract three times the number of leads it had anticipated. Read Ad


Calling All Developers

Related Capital wanted to attract developers to its financing services. In this ad I wrote, a powerful image evokes the idea of building, getting in the trenches with you - and the copy points out Related's hands-on experience and the range of services it offers. The ad ran in trade papers and Related was very happy with the leads it helped generate. Read Ad


Industry Research Report

As the founding marketing communications director for Buyside Magazine, a publication for institutional invesotrs, I not only created marketing, but wrote editorial - industry overviews, research profiles, articles and more.

Here is a cover industry overview I wrote for the advertising industry, examining how consolidation is changing the landscape - and the move toward diversifying into "below-the-line" marketing services. Read Industry Overview


White Paper - Web Profits for Financial Professionals

White paper shows financial professionals how to overcome challenges and take advantage of the Internet. Deetails the importance of targeted content, and it influences SEO. Also how to seize the possibiites of pay per click advertising, online PR, webinars and other tools to attract newl clients and expand their business online. See pdf


Those are just a few of the clients I've worked with over the years.
Here are some others:
Audodesk Location Services Maersk Shipping
Imagyn Medical Technologies Henry Schein Medical Supplies
Buyside Magazine Barclays Global Investors

Experience counts…
Having written copy and created marketing programs for so many successful B2B projects for a wide variety of clients, I am better equipped to to get up to speed quickly and address the marketing and copywriting issues of your project. I have also written for many marketing venues and media. Including:

Online Copy
- sales pages
- opt-in pages
- key landing pages
- website copy

- email campaigns and newsletters
- web audio and video scripts
- banner ads
- online press releases

Offline Copy
- Direct mail salesletters
- DM packages, magalogs
- Case Studies
- Reports and white papers
- Ads and brochures
- Fact sheets
- Press releases and pitch letters

Video and Broadcast Copy
Scripts for DVDs, radio and TV

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My copywriting services are interwined with my marketing experience - so you get the benefit of my strategic thinking in addition to my copy.

Consulting Services
- Website marketing strategy and planning
- Pay per click advertising
- Web 2.0 Marketing
- Search Engine Optimization
- Online PR
- Offline to Online campaigns_
- Direct mail strategy

- Advertising strategy and planning

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